My name is Maryana. I am a Ukrainian-born artist who lives in the USA.
I cannot imagine myself without canvas, paints, and paintbrushes. My desire to paint is unrelenting, and keeps me up at night if I let it happen. I find inspiration everywhere, especially in nature: birds, trees, a sunset, a seascape, the stars… Harmony in nature renders the most astounding masterpieces.
My abstract painting draws from nature – all I have to do is pick a color,
and allow it to gently guide me through the creative process. Moods and emotional landscapes overlap nature’s themes,
and try to find in my paintings their expression.
I usually work with acrylic on canvas, although I love the challenge
of delving into different styles and techniques, and I’m not afraid to fail. I decided to open my online gallery to erase physical borders,
and reach out to as many art enthusiasts as possible.
                                                                                                                   Art brings beauty into our lives, and this is my contribution.